Thursday, 12 June 2014

EduExam Software Is A Software That Helps You Stay Ahead In A Competitive World

Today’s exam world is competitive. The candidates are ranked as per their grades. These types of examinations are used by UN competitive examination and Foreign Service Exam, as well as by universities and college for admissions. Over the years, educational exam software’s have become the demand of schools and institutes. The eduExam software is the most powerful user friendly online exam generator software available in the market.

eduExam, is a best online exam software that helps not only conduct many exams for different purposes from schools to colleges and even corporate and government organizations, but it also helps in preparing the candidates for the exams. It also has a special feature to help candidates and assessors analyze the strength and weakness areas and plan prepare accordingly. Not only for the students, but school teachers and college/university professors alike.

The eduExam software is not just ideal for eLearning but for online education as well. It is ideal for creating quizzes, question bank and certification exam questions. In fact, even recruiting agencies and companies can also use this software for selecting the right skilled candidate by evaluating an online exam.

Online examination software is blessings for both the creators and the test takers. Not just the schools or institutes, but corporate and government bodies can also use them. It can be used for mock tests like MAT, JMET, CAT, AIEEE, IIT-JEE, GMAT, ILETS, GRE, TOEFL, ILETS and many more. The other interesting features of these software’s are:
  • Being web based they are available worldwide
  • Easy uploading of question bank
  • Very simple candidate management
  • 100% white labeled
Online examination systems are used by organizations like colleges and universities. The tool has the ability to allow Examiners, Administrators can edit/delete/add any question and also schedule the tests, quizzes and exams and generate reports as well.
Some Of The Key Features You Get Is:
  • Role based security among different question setters
  • Schedule exams for the examinees
  • Send emails with the login details
  • Managing many different types of questions (Multiple choice, Multiple selection, fill ups, true/false, yes/no, and image based)
  • Categorize questions for easy accessibility
  • Assign marks to every individual question
  • Randomize the presentation of the question
  • Secure delivery of questions during exams
  • Easy mark-based evaluation
  • Display results, etc
The online exam creator software helps the teacher/professors/instructors to create an exam paper online with multiple choices, matching, short answer, fill-in-the-blanks and true or false questions. You can also add instructions and divide your test into multiple sections. You can easily conduct computer based exams, not just over the internet but Intranet as well.
EduExam User Friendly Software’s Allow You To:
  • Create with objective and subjective questions
  • Create exams in multiple languages
  • Manage both exams and examinees
  • Register examinees online
  • Automate communication with the examinees
eduExam is the best online examination software system and leader in facilitating online education. Being an open-source platform, its success lies in its adaptability. The educators can use the software in various ways like: content delivery system, supplement to traditional in-school classes. Supported by a large network (volunteers including) the users get their bearings and figuration that fits their needs. All you require is a server (local or web-hosted) to install the framework and you are ready to run!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Internet Based Examination Software For Efficient And Effective Exam Administration

In the highly competitive and dynamic present day internet based exam/assessment computer software perform a significant role in helping to evaluate the comprehension and understanding levels and also the efficiency of candidates and students at companies and schools. Assessments of various forms have become part of everyday life be it students tests or employee recruitment, appraisal etc. Tests are administered everywhere. Conducting an assessment these days is a difficult task as the candidates are spread over a broad geographical location and also needed to be assessed on a variety of subjects and topics in different formats to test their comprehension level on different topics and sub topics.

With globalization, today tests and assessments are required to be administered to students across centers located as diverse as worldwide locations at times, and more frequently at national and state level. Online exam software makes it easy to administer test to candidates spread across global test centers easy.

In a manual set up it becomes very difficult to prepare and distribute the question paper among different examination centers, and also preparation of question papers to suit the specific objective of an examination. Such tasks can be easily accomplished using an online assessment software, where in uploading bulk questions is very easy and also assigning the right question to the right exam and candidate can also be accomplished.

The Features of Best Online Exam Software

Highly Flexible For Conducting Any Test – Subjective essay type or objective multiple type questions, as different tests would administer to check different parameters like efficiency, speed and also writing abilities etc.

Easy To Upload Bulk Question Papers – As there is no limitation on the number of tests that can be administered or candidates who can attend the test, software should be capable of handling any number of question papers easily without any issues.

Extra Features – Examinations are always administered to be finished in a great amount of time, so the system should also have certain value added features like such as time settings so the students and administrators will get a chance to keep a track of the time given for the test. Questions can be administered as per difficulty levels, as easy/hard and medium; also a detail analysis report of the tests given by the candidates can be immediately obtained.

There are various net based examination software you can find all promising to fulfill your assessment needs and excellent customer support, easy to install and use, etc, It is extremely important to chose a reliable and powerful software that actually serves your best interest in administering the exam, as any error in conducting a test can cause a student his life and an employee his career and income.

Ideally the best test generator software is the one that can be highly personalized to suit your needs, meaning you can prepare question papers as per the requirements and the needs of assessments, choosing the difficulty level of questions etc, and also flexible for any type of assessment.

Arthinfosoft, respected offshore software development company in India have been developing software since its inception and has many school and exam related software to their credit. The extensive research they undertake to build a powerful software system makes their products the best in the market. EduExam is the best online examination software developed by Arth Infosoft, which is creating ripples in the market being the favorite of assessment departments at school, colleges and government and private organizations.

Best Online Examination Software

Friday, 4 October 2013

Assessments And Exams Made Easy With Exam Software.

Conducting exams using online assessment software is an easy and convenient way. The developments in technology have made our lives easier. Such soft wares help you to create test papers, manage exams, analyze the results etc. All of this helps in better understanding the capabilities of the person taking exams, also giving them a chance to improve their performance.

Assessments are conducted everywhere from schools to corporate to ascertain the knowledge and understanding of the students and staff on various subjects. It helps students gain qualifications and knowledge and employees to deliver better performance.

Using these softwares, exams can be conducted over a wide network online with Internet facility or over local network using intranet. They help parents tutor their kids, conduct and asses the understanding of their children on various subjects. The Exam software can be used to create question papers. Study material and also analysis of the student’s performance.

The exams can be created and developed and delivered to test takers anywhere, so students can take these exams in their computer labs, laptops, iphones etc.

Important features of online exam software

  • Preparing question papers made easy: You can create questions of any type, objective, subjective, match the following types. Prepare practice tests, questions as per difficultly level.
  • Manage exams: You can deliver the tests to a candidate anywhere; exams can be remotely taken using computer, laptop, or any other such compatible device. You can combine subjects into a group.
  • Analyze performance: The exam software generates a detailed report of candidate’s performance, helping you to analyze the weak areas and strong points. Results can be obtained center wise, department or subject wise.
  • Backup and recovery of data made easy: Access is controlled with a password known only to authorized personnel, avoiding any cheating or other fraud cases. Administrators having the password can conveniently and safe manage and organize the exams, can add /delete subjects, questions etc. Exporting the sheet to different centers and also compiling the result sheets are all part of managing the examination process, made easy using assessment software.
  • Flexible software: Exam software is highly flexible and can be modified easily to adapt to the changes in the technological and educational fields.

Assessments are an important aspect of the learning process. Regular exams and tests helps students and teachers/ trainers know the understanding and comprehension levels of candidates.
Simplifying data and analyzing it carefully is very important in the process. Mechanizing the process using software is a great help in not only conducting the exams but also to ascertain the levels of understanding for each individual candidate.

Eduexam software is leading Exam software developed by one of the premier website development companies, ArthInfo soft. The company has been developing great websites since the year 2005, with almost a decade of experience in designing websites for many industries the company has now come up with online exam software.

Investing in Online exam software is essential and worth every penny, as it gives a great way to practice tests, take tests based on difficulty level, furnishes comprehensive result summary helping you to concentrate more on areas found wanting and be successful.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Eduexam Is Very Easy Online Examination Software

Online exam is now a day’s very popular and easy way for students as well as teachers. EduExam provide best online exam software for school, collages, coaching classes or government sectors. We show you how eduExam is worked in step by step. When candidate is login they show home section of eduExam. In this segment you can see two parts one is assigned exam and other is exam appeared. In the assigned exam segment you can see details of exam and exam appeared segment you can see how many exam you have done.
online exam creator

Now other segment is self assessment segment. Candidates fill or select the options in this segment. In the semester candidate can choose the exam semester then select how many total questions they want to in exam. Also they have option for negative marking. Now you can select a subject for exam and choose which type of exam you will be prefer easy, medium or hard.
online exam creator
 And finally you select start examination. So you can see your exam information.

online exam creator
Now your exam is start. You can see examination screen shorts of question and answers. You can tick right answers and select next option for next question. Your time will count automatically.

online exam creator

Once you finished the exam you get result summary whit your name, date of exam, total questions, marks, negative marks etc. So this is our eduExam online examination system which is very easy to use in exam. School or any organizations have any other demand to add other information we can modify as per your requirement.
online exam creator