Friday, 4 October 2013

Assessments And Exams Made Easy With Exam Software.

Conducting exams using online assessment software is an easy and convenient way. The developments in technology have made our lives easier. Such soft wares help you to create test papers, manage exams, analyze the results etc. All of this helps in better understanding the capabilities of the person taking exams, also giving them a chance to improve their performance.

Assessments are conducted everywhere from schools to corporate to ascertain the knowledge and understanding of the students and staff on various subjects. It helps students gain qualifications and knowledge and employees to deliver better performance.

Using these softwares, exams can be conducted over a wide network online with Internet facility or over local network using intranet. They help parents tutor their kids, conduct and asses the understanding of their children on various subjects. The Exam software can be used to create question papers. Study material and also analysis of the student’s performance.

The exams can be created and developed and delivered to test takers anywhere, so students can take these exams in their computer labs, laptops, iphones etc.

Important features of online exam software

  • Preparing question papers made easy: You can create questions of any type, objective, subjective, match the following types. Prepare practice tests, questions as per difficultly level.
  • Manage exams: You can deliver the tests to a candidate anywhere; exams can be remotely taken using computer, laptop, or any other such compatible device. You can combine subjects into a group.
  • Analyze performance: The exam software generates a detailed report of candidate’s performance, helping you to analyze the weak areas and strong points. Results can be obtained center wise, department or subject wise.
  • Backup and recovery of data made easy: Access is controlled with a password known only to authorized personnel, avoiding any cheating or other fraud cases. Administrators having the password can conveniently and safe manage and organize the exams, can add /delete subjects, questions etc. Exporting the sheet to different centers and also compiling the result sheets are all part of managing the examination process, made easy using assessment software.
  • Flexible software: Exam software is highly flexible and can be modified easily to adapt to the changes in the technological and educational fields.

Assessments are an important aspect of the learning process. Regular exams and tests helps students and teachers/ trainers know the understanding and comprehension levels of candidates.
Simplifying data and analyzing it carefully is very important in the process. Mechanizing the process using software is a great help in not only conducting the exams but also to ascertain the levels of understanding for each individual candidate.

Eduexam software is leading Exam software developed by one of the premier website development companies, ArthInfo soft. The company has been developing great websites since the year 2005, with almost a decade of experience in designing websites for many industries the company has now come up with online exam software.

Investing in Online exam software is essential and worth every penny, as it gives a great way to practice tests, take tests based on difficulty level, furnishes comprehensive result summary helping you to concentrate more on areas found wanting and be successful.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Eduexam Is Very Easy Online Examination Software

Online exam is now a day’s very popular and easy way for students as well as teachers. EduExam provide best online exam software for school, collages, coaching classes or government sectors. We show you how eduExam is worked in step by step. When candidate is login they show home section of eduExam. In this segment you can see two parts one is assigned exam and other is exam appeared. In the assigned exam segment you can see details of exam and exam appeared segment you can see how many exam you have done.
online exam creator

Now other segment is self assessment segment. Candidates fill or select the options in this segment. In the semester candidate can choose the exam semester then select how many total questions they want to in exam. Also they have option for negative marking. Now you can select a subject for exam and choose which type of exam you will be prefer easy, medium or hard.
online exam creator
 And finally you select start examination. So you can see your exam information.

online exam creator
Now your exam is start. You can see examination screen shorts of question and answers. You can tick right answers and select next option for next question. Your time will count automatically.

online exam creator

Once you finished the exam you get result summary whit your name, date of exam, total questions, marks, negative marks etc. So this is our eduExam online examination system which is very easy to use in exam. School or any organizations have any other demand to add other information we can modify as per your requirement.
online exam creator

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Custom Web Based Exam Management

Today many organizations are conducting online examinations worldwide successfully and issue results online. On-Line Examination is web based application for technical evaluation. With this exam generator, you can create an online test in a Web browser, and then publish it in one click.

EduExam is a product of ArthInfosoft. EduExam provide innovative examination process and assessment solutions to Educational Institutions, Government/ PSU sector and leading corporate entities. Its simple and easy user interface is designed to perform just like Microsoft Office, making it immediately comfortable to everyone. Supporting a wide variety of question types, EduExam enables you to create tests of any complexity and diversity. Questions can be anything from plain text to still pictures and videos, tables, embedded objects and even Adobe Flash animations.

Eduexam is an advanced, online quiz maker with powerful & customizable features, which help instructors and teachers to create online tests, quizzes & exams for employees or students. Advanced options like quiz templates, data security, automated grading & full integration with our Educational Exam Software, make our online quiz software perfect for corporations, educational institutions or users looking to create quizzes just for fun. Our Online Examination Software allows you to easily select any combination of settings below to suit your requirements. You can also save time by choosing your preferred settings which can automatically be applied by default each time you assign a test to be taken.

EduExam is the software for organizing examination, performance analysis and report cards. With this software, you can view and edit students grades/marks and produce beautiful report cards, honor rolls, and transcripts customized with the logo and/or watermarks of your school. Online Examination Software can be easily tailored to fit the need of any school/college of any size and offers greater ease of use and more features. Graphical & numerical presentation of result analysis and printouts.

This Web Based Examination Software is a boon for teachers and school management who spend hours on making question papers, checking answer sheets, evaluating results and preparing progress-cards of thousands of students. Colleges can also carry out weekly or monthly chapter-wise online exams and assess the overall class performance. Teachers who learn to operate online examination creator can teach more effectively and give special attention to students in their day-to-day learning process.

Exam Software is a Test Management System to create and conduct Custom Web Based Exam Management. It is a most powerful user friendly test generator, exam generator educational software available in the academic market at affordable price.

The system is available to users 24x7. For more information, e-mail sales@arthinfosoft.in any time, or call 9727735599 or visit eduexamsoftware.com. You can also use our free online demo of Online Examination Software.

EduExam Demo Link: www.eduware.in/examware

Sunday, 27 January 2013

EduExam is Web Based Examination Software

The exam can be made online where by the student write the examination from anywhere or it can be computerized whereby the university can conduct the examination through their LAN.

Information technology is growing day by day still we fail to provide proper IT assistance to education industry. At the time of Exam, Still we follow the same old method of collecting questions from different teachers , then arranging them in proper order and then setting up a questionnaire and even at the places where we are following online or automated examination system we are not able to prevent the drawback of same or repeated question paper.

Arth Infosoft has come up with wonderful exam management solution to move from traditional paper based tests to computer bases tests. The product name is called eduExam and it is something beyond usual exam management system. EduExam is an Online Examination System to make the examination process very simple and efficient with all of the places where this Exam/ Test words comes in the picture.

The system which developer is going to propose is an “Online Examination Management System”. This system is used to solve many problems faced by education organization or any other organization (who are conducting an exam for any purpose). This system is used to conduct objective based/multiple choice based online exam; it will also generate the question paper for an online exam and written exam (which is a common method of conducting an exam). It will generate random question in online exam for each candidate, it will also assess online exam & generate a result for the candidate at the same time after completing an exam. This system will generate all the required report to keep the record in files.

Custom Web Based Exam Management System is a system which is used by any educational institute or any organization who are conducting exam for job or any other purpose. This system will help them to conduct an online exam. This system is used to conduct an aptitude paper for admission or job purpose and it will also help to generate a question paper for educational institute.

EduExam is very open ended software where one can categorize own question bank into simple questions, Medium questions and Hard questions with respect to its subject name and standard. EduExam is not only for the Online Exam but with this admin can upload the study material in the form of Documents and Video files.

At the time of generating Question Paper/ Exam admin have to choose the ratio of questions like Easy, Medium or Hard as he has entered at the time of upload of questions. According this the exam will be generated. Even admin can define exam type as Time Bound exam or without time limit exam.

After generation of Exam admin have to choose the group or individuals to allocate the exam. As a confirmation of exam allocation candidate will have a link with their registered mail ids using which they can go ahead with their respective exams.

At the completion of the exam candidate will have on the spot Result sheet with him. The history for all of given exams can be reviewed using various analytical reports provided with the software. All of this report can be helpful for the candidate to improve his/her performance.

Exam software is one kind of e learning assessment test performed by computer based test. Using this type of Examination Management Software one can create their own unique test in any language. The administration of the test is also managed by the test creator. This type of software mostly comes in at online as well offline kind of application to conduct the customized assessment test. Assessment software is very essential to perform a self test as well as other one's knowledge test.

This type of software also helps an employer to take an assessment test to the mass people in easy and efficient way. It also helps to reduce the cost of paper and other stationery required for exams as well as the administrative hurdle is also been reduced due to the exam software. This way the exam software is implemented to generate the test in a most convenient manner.

The system is available to users 24x7.