Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Advantages of the eduWare software

This software is extremely GUI based and an easy way to take up tests from various corners of the world. Followings are characteristics of the online examination system called eduExam.

EduExam Software can be utilized worldwide in any language. With total client satisfaction as our prime object, we have helped many customers by developing Business applications, internet application and websites specifically to provide to their needs. We have been constantly receptive to new technologies and afford solutions for a cutting edge.

EduExam Software is used for teaching in tutorial classes and home tuition, which give up good results.

When selling educational software into the school, there are multiple decision-makers, too: Teachers, administrators, and support staff all have a say in what site licenses are purchased. Teachers are using this as an assist for the preparation of example questions in their course study materials.


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Advantage of EduExam
  • Physical Presence Not Needed For Tests
  • Time Consuming Test
  • Prompt Results Of Examination
  • Facility Of Online Mock Tests Is Offered By The Eduexam For The Aware The Students
  • Various Subjects Are Covered In The Form Of Questions Which Hence Makes It Easy For The Students To Answer The Questions Perfectly
  • Easy to Upload Own Question Bank
  • 100 % Paper Less Exam System
  • Error less and most Efficient Exam System
  • Can be utilize as E-learning tool
  • Compatible for all type of Test/Exams
  • On the Spot Result with analysis Reports

This examination system eduExam help to make online exams are much more preferred by the various organizations across the world. This software most suited for Medical, Bank Competitive and engineering entrance exams, etc. are all performed online.

eduExam is easy to install and affordable online examination software that you can host yourself. You can collect contact data and instantly display results.

Benefits of Online Examination Software

We are not just competing with mighty challengers from the same state, but instead are competing with the best people from across the world, through use of the new online examination software system. A student from an Asian country can today give test in the any country for globe, thus competing with other global competitors from across the entire world through the new web-based exam systems.

With online examination system, a student answers all test queries through his computer and later submits them to the institutions who handling the online exam. These answers are then evaluated by eduExam software which already has the responds to the questions fed into its system. The answers are analyzed and scored instantly thus saving valuable time which is usually spent by the examiner in reading and checking the answers one after the other.

For Further Information: info@arthinfosoft.in

Online eduExam comprises of various modules, such as the Student details modules, authorization module, the subject and question bank management system, test paper management, examination evaluation module and finally the result module.

Thus, eduExam is ideal for optional questions and other plagiaristic questions. For every question asked, the student needs to select the right answer provided in the given options. Once the questions are answered and then submitted to the software system, the software will score the student after optimize his answers with at least ones already fed into its software system. After the evaluation is performed, the result for the test is also generated by the system based on its result method. The generated score which comprises of the students score, time spent for the exam to be completed and the number of students passing through the examination is then sent to the student within minutes of the examination.